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KT Utility Forensics has focused on various energy management projects which include analysing and metering of electricity usage and costs in the South African market

We are dedicated to making sure that you, the end user, are getting billed correctly for your electricity consumption. With current major concerns about the way that various local councils around the country are billing homes and businesses for electricity, KT Utility Forensics ensures that you are only being charged for your actual consumption and at the legislated tariffs as set by NERSA.

Our business objective has remained consistent over the years. We aim to provide the most professional and reliable service available. This is achieved through our skilled and motivated team that works directly with customers to create long standing relationships.

Our services are proficient and achievable through our fully online management system that communicates directly to our head office. Customers have easy access to their accounts at any time, with just the click of a button. After online monitoring of your companies actual usage for a full month to 2 month period, KT Utility Forensics can then, as an additional service, advise on ways to save energy and reduce costs on the premises.

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