Online MeteringAccurate Online Meter Management Systems


Our Online Monitoring Platform provides accurate readings of your Energy Consumption (KWH), Demand (KVA), Reactive Power (KVar), Voltage (V), Amps (A), and Power Factor updated every 12 hours

Full cross-reference to the charges on any of your Billing Authority’s utility bills.

KT Utility takes pride in our ability to ensure that the end user is getting billed correctly and on the most economical tariff and for actual, instead of estimated, consumptions as well as assisting the end user win a credit on their account where he/she is getting over-estimated, ov er-billed or penalized on their bills.

Easily manage the billing of your tenants or property portfolio on a single user-friendly platform.

Our Automated Meter Reading System is web based which means that no expensive software is required, and allows you to access your meters from any computer provided you have internet access!

Our trained engineers and tariff specialists will provide detailed case studies after a 30-day period of monitored consumption where we can advise on how electricity can be saved.

Tariff comparisons will be scheduled annually as soon as new tariffs are available or billing cycles change.

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